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Cultivating Brains like Crops

A small army of brains stand next to a small army of plants
Cultivating Brains like crops

Made in 2014

Artists: Pranav K and Akshaya Krisnhamoorthy

Sculptural Assistant: Teju

In the army, only the best become teachers. The inverse seems to be applicable to the Indian education system. Having survived the examinations that tested ones memory and seldom aptitude, you begin to wonder if calling yourselves "sheep" is too optimistic. Maybe we are a crop. We're definitely raised like it.

Maybe some of us are grown to merely be ornamental. For aesthetic purposes only.

Maybe it is good for us.

Cultivating Brains like Crops was showcased at Alliance Francaise- Bangalore, Rangoli Metro Station Gallery and Chitrakala Parishad. The Brains and plants are now housed in different locations across Bangalore City- in bookstores and recording studios.

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