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A Migrational Object

Created as a site specific object for Pokoje VI while utilising a doorless doorway. Pokoje is a show that brings together various creative faculties under one roof, contained within individual rooms - a pokoj. The doorless doorway was shared by a college which allowed its experimental media students and Masters in Fine Arts students to take over one room and in the other room was the Ceramic faculty of another college.

The work created was a bacterial looking formation that functioned as a visual filter, a separation and a spatial unification between the two rooms and disciplines. Constructed out of maps it acted as a transitory  porous obstruction allowing for information to flow through all the same acting as a veil between the two rooms/spaces. Maps are a depiction of space; in this installation it is the meditative process of territorial deformation within these found maps that created a patterned and ambiguous solidification between the doorless space(s). It is a pattern formed by cracking the territories and terrains making this separation anywhere and everywhere. A migrational object.

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