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Gallery 1_7 stands in the heart of Ostrava, proudly enduring its majestic age. A once functional shopping center that was the heart and center of the town now remains dejected and forgotten in the shadow of a new mall shaped like a cube that changes colours once its dark, adding to the mall population of the country. The display windows of Ostravica is now home to gallery 1_7

The lawns of this gallery which were once full of people going about window shopping now lies empty, sulking for attention. With summer almost here the parks of the city are full of people laying around getting a tan looking at the clouds pass them by. So it’s now that we would love to re-invite you to the lawns of the long abandoned Ostravica to come gaze at clouds through a series of paintings on unstretched canvases that seem too rigid for clouds. The clouds behind the windows form the new display to try and catch the wandering ignoring eyes, while the city and the surroundings reflect off the glass window displays.

Curated and supported by : Lukáš Kleberc

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